START Insights

Every two weeks, we visit one of the most interesting start-ups in Munich in order to get to know its founders in person. They share with us their founding history, their learnings and insights into their current challenges. Whether on the lookout for inspiration or valuable insights for one’ s own start-up project, the START Insights are a great opportunity to explore the Munich startup scene.

START Exchanges

We regularly come together to shed light on exciting subject areas. In this context, members get the opportunity to present their ideas & projects and then discuss them together. In addition, we frequently invite experts to gain even more detailed insights into specific subject areas. START Exchanges is the format where start-ups are born.

START Networking

We place great value on promoting an exchange in a relaxed atmosphere. In addition to our bi-weekly Stammtisch, we organize parties (Semester Opening & Closing Party), Christmas parties and barbecue events. Our START Networking enables every form of interaction: whether it’s simply getting to know the members, discussing interesting topics or networking with our alumni.

START Exclusives

Thanks to our diverse partner network, our members regularly get the opportunity to experience true highlights. Be it events that we organise together with our partners or special offers that are exclusively reserved to our members. The START Exclusives are a source of genuine enthusiasm time and time again.

Do you want to take part in our program offerings? Then do not hesitate and apply to become part of our initiative!